Pete's Fresh Rewards

Pete’s Fresh Market is ending its Rewards Program on February 29, 2016 in response to a recent customer survey. Our announcement email to all Rewards customers can be viewed here.To help guide you through the end of the program, we’ve created the following section on Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

Program End

Why have I never received a rewards coupon, even though I have been swiping my card for a while now?
First, be sure you have enrolled and registered your card number to your email address. If you are already enrolled, Pete’s will send an email notification about an available coupon once the point balance reaches at least 250 points. Click on the “Log in” button on the top, right-hand corner of this page next to the graphic to view your current point balance and print any available coupons.

When is the last day to enroll?
By Friday, January 22, 2016 customers must enroll with their email address to receive their final coupon.

IMPORTANT: Customers who do not register their card number with their email address will not be notified of their final coupon.

I have accumulated a ton of points since the program began, but I forgot to enroll by the January 22 deadline. Will my points be honored in some way?
Unfortunately, you will not be able to take advantage of those points.

When is the last day to use my rewards card and collect points?
Wednesday, January 27, 2016 is the last day to collect points by providing your phone number or rewards card to the cashier.

What should I do with my Pete's Fresh Market rewards card?
Your rewards card or phone number is still needed to redeem rewards along with a printed coupon or the mobile app display. After February 29, 2016, the card will no longer be needed.

What happens to all of the points that I have earned?
All your points earned by January 27, 2016 will be rewarded in increments of 250 points. They will be converted to one final rewards coupon that may be worth more than $5 depending on your point balance.
Examples: If by January 27, you earned…

  • 0 through 249 points → no rewards coupon would be dispensed.
  • 250 through 499 points → one $5 rewards coupon would be dispensed.
  • 500 through 749 points → one $10 rewards coupon would be dispensed.
  • 750 through 999 points → one $15 rewards coupon would be dispensed.
  • And so forth…

Will I be able to use my left-over points?
Unfortunately, a point balance of less than 250 points cannot be converted into a reward. Points must reach a total of 250 to be turned into a reward. Partial rewards will not be created. Again, no more points can be added after January 27, 2016. Once the last coupon is generated on January 29, 2016, no additional coupons will be generated.

When will I get my final coupon? How can I redeem it? When will it expire?
You will be notified via email on Friday, January 29, 2016 if one final reward coupon is available.
Per usual, the coupon can be viewed and printed in the Rewards customer portal after logging into your account.
The coupon must be presented at checkout printed on paper or displayed on the mobile app in conjunction with the rewards card or phone number.
Monday, February 29, 2016 is the last day to redeem the final coupon. All rewards expire on February 29, 2016 at store closing. No rewards coupons will be honored after that date.

May I redeem more than one coupon in a single purchase?
Yes, you can. However, the combined value of your rewards coupons may not exceed the total of your transaction. Your purchase total has to be equal to or higher than your coupon value in order to redeem the full amount of your reward.
Rewards coupons cannot be exchanged for cash.

What will happen to my personal information that I shared when I signed up / enrolled?
Your personal data will not be shared with any other organization or parties. Please see our privacy policy.

What will happen to the Pete’s Fresh Market Mobile App?
Our app is hosted by our Rewards-program partner and will not be updated any longer with the end of our program. You may uninstall the app.

Will Pete’s have a replacement program in the future?
We are going back to the drawing boards. We do intend to find a robust way to reward our customers, but we want for it to be the best program for all of you. As technology is ever changing, our team is committed to doing our due diligence to find and develop the right one..

What will Pete’s Fresh Market offer to customers instead?
Pete’s Fresh Market is going to focus on what you said matters most: great products, competitive prices, beautiful stores, and excellent customer service. Your feedback from our October 2015 survey will continue to guide our initiatives.

Sign-up / Enroll

I’ve enrolled at, but I don’t know if my card is active yet. It says “Card number does not match” when I try to enter my number on the PFM rewards site. How do I know when it’s ok to log in and finish setting up my profile?
Your card is officially active the moment it is swiped at the register. All purchases made with that card accumulate on your account. However, it does take a few days for your enrollment information to sync with your card information, which prevents the ability to immediately log in. Please give us 5 business days to enroll you.

Can two people sign up for the same card?
Technically, only one person can be registered per card (one e-mail address and one phone number). However, if you’d like to share a card with a spouse, child, parent, or grandparent, that’s ok!

My mom/grandfather/spouse/etc. isn’t good with computers and doesn’t have an e-mail address? Can I just use mine for his/her card?
You can absolutely help someone manage his/her account, but it will have to be registered with another e-mail address and phone number if you are also a rewards member. The same e-mail address or phone number cannot be used for multiple card numbers.

My personal information has changed, and I can’t update it on my profile. What do I do now?
As far as your contact information goes, at this point, we just ask for your zip code, e-mail address, phone number, and birthdate. If any of that information has changed since you enrolled, please resubmit an enrollment form and be sure to click “Update Existing Enrollment.” Please give us 5 business days to update.

Collect Points

What happens if I forget my card at home?
No problem! You can use the phone number you provided during your enrollment to look up your card number at the register.

What about all my purchases that I had prior to activating my card? Can I get points for those?
We will honor the purchases made upon card activation and later (where the card was swiped). Unfortunately, we cannot add points retroactively to an account.

I bought $50 worth of items today and don’t see those points! Where are they?
They are there, don’t worry. Please allow 48 hours for those points to show up in your account. Since the systems are not real time, the transactions take some time to post.

I lost my card. Can I get a new one printed?
Unfortunately, we cannot create a replacement card. The best option would be to have the cashier look up your account through your registered phone number.


How do I receive my $5 coupon?
Once you have earned 250 points, you will receive an e-mail notification (to the email with which you registered). The e-mail will alert you to log in to the Rewards Portal, download, and then print your coupon. (Or you can redeem the coupon through the mobile app.) Eligible rewards are issued every Friday and are valid for 30 days.

I tried to print off my coupon, and I just got a blank page. Then, when I tried again, it said that the status is “Printed.” Did I lose my coupon?
Don’t worry! You did not lose your coupon. Sometimes pop-up blockers on your internet browser can prevent the print process since the coupon opens in a new window. E-mail to let us know, and we can help get your coupon printed.
Keep in mind the system is smart and knows if there is an active reward on your account. So even if you print out multiple copies of the coupon, the reward will only work if your account has an active coupon.

Mobile App

Can I link my Rewards account to the mobile app?
Absolutely. You can have the mobile app without being a rewards member and you can be a rewards member without having the mobile app. However, if you do have both, you can certainly link the two!  On your mobile app, click “Profile” and then type in your registered e-mail address and password. (Give it a couple hours before your recent purchases sync to the account.)


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