Pete's Market App

Pete's Market App


The Pete’s Market app makes in-store shopping more convenient and affordable with exclusive coupons, weekly deals, and reward points! You can also browse the weekly ad and create a shopping list—all from the app.


Green Checkmark Easy access to app-only coupons

Green Checkmark Earn a $5 reward towards you next grocery purchase every time you spend $500

Green Checkmark Create shopping lists

Green Checkmark Browse our weekly ad


Pete’s Market App is available free for download for both apple and android phones. Click the buttons below to begin.

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Don’t worry—You can still save! CLICK HERE to create your free member profile.

Frequently Asked Questions


Do I have to pay for the app? No. The Pete’s Market app is FREE.

Do I need an e-mail address to register for the App? Yes. A valid email address is required for participation. You can create a free email account through various service providers (e.g., Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, iCloud, Outlook, etc.).

What if I don’t have a smart phone? Don’t worry. You can still save! Click here to create your member profile and add coupons to your online shopping cart. Just print the shopping cart page and ask your cashier to scan the barcode when checking out.

We have different shoppers in our household. Can we all use the same account? Yes. Members of your family can share the same account. Just log in on your device with the same email and PIN number to access your family’s account.

What if I forget my password/pin? If you forget your pin, just open the app and click “Forgot PIN.” If you are still experiencing problems, contact our Customer Service department at

How do I update my account information? Click “Profile” on the bottom right hand corner and make your changes.

The app makes me choose a store. What if I shop at multiple Pete’s Market locations? That’s ok. Just select the store location you frequent most often. The store you choose will determine which ad you see on the app.

What happens if my phone dies or breaks and I don’t have access to my mobile card? You need your member number to apply the coupons you’ve clipped or to earn reward points on your purchase. You can print out a picture of your barcode or write down your member number and keep it in your wallet as a backup if you anticipate having phone issues.

If I use Instacart, can I use my app to apply coupons and earn points? Unfortunately, the app perks cannot be used with Instacart orders since it is an entirely separate platform and you are technically processing your payment through Instacart for the service and the goods.


How do I earn reward points? Open your app and ask your cashier to scan your mobile card/barcode before finishing your transaction. Every dollar* spent earns points. Spend $500, earn 500 points, and get $5 off your next purchase. (*Excludes gift card, Instacart orders and catering purchases.)

Can I earn points or use my rewards at any Pete’s Market location? Yes!

How do I keep track of my points? The app does that for you! Click “My Rewards” on the home page to view how close you are to earning your next reward.

Can I bank my $5 off reward coupon and use it on a future day? Unfortunately, no. The app automatically applies your $5 off coupon on the next eligible transaction.

Is there a limit to how many points and rewards I can earn? No limit! The more you earn, the more you save.

Do my points and rewards expire? No expiration!

I forgot to scan my mobile card while shopping. Can I retroactively add points to my account from my transaction? Unfortunately, we cannot add points or past transactions to your account. It must be done at the time of purchase.


What is my Shopping List?  My Shopping List works just like a paper shopping list, only it’s better! You can manually type in your list or you can scan your pantry using the barcode scanner. When you add an item that has a coupon, there will be a coupon icon next to it to select. Click the plus sign to clip the coupon and then click “Add Product to List.” Your coupon (if still valid) will be automatically redeemed at checkout when you buy the product on sale. Just make sure the cashier scans your mobile card before finishing your transaction!


Where can I view the coupons I clipped? Click the “Coupons” button on the home page and then select the “Clipped” tab. In the other two tabs “All Coupons” and “Departments,” the coupons you have clipped will have a green checkmarkGreen Checkmarknext to it.

How often are offers updated? Offers are updated on a daily basis. Pete’s compiles databases of manufacturer coupons and offers unique Pete’s Deals, including the *HOT* Digital Deal of the Week! In the “All Coupons” section, there is a red circle above each product that indicates how many days that coupon is still active.

Should I just clip every coupon, just in case? NO! Please don’t. If you do that, it will slow down everyone at the checkout because the system will have to validate every single coupon, one by one, even for the products you didn’t purchase. Just clip coupons for the products you intend to buy.

Can I use my clipped coupons at any Pete’s Market location? You can use any valid clipped coupon at any Pete’s Market location, given the store has the product in stock. Not all stores carry all products, and we do not offer rainchecks for products with coupons.

What if I clipped a coupon, but I didn’t get the discount at the register?  There are a few reasons this could be happening. Here are some examples: (1) if you were purchasing the wrong brand, size, or variety of a product, (2) if there is a minimum purchase quantity not being met (3) if the coupon has expired by the time of purchase. If you have specific questions, please ask at the customer service desk or email our customer service department at

Can I combine manufacturer and store coupons? Yes, it’s possible to combine manufacturer and/or store coupons when shopping in-store, but they are subject to the terms and conditions of each coupon. Please read the fine print of each coupon by clicking into it.

Some coupons are valid for over a month. Can I clip and re-clip coupons to use on multiple visits? It depends on the coupon itself. Please read the fine print.


Your weekly ad doesn’t let me click to add products to my shopping list. What’s the point of it then? That’s a wish list item for us too. Eventually, we would love to offer that functionality, but right now, the weekly ad section is just a static reference page.

Your question still not answered? Please email Be sure to include your name, card number, and a thorough description of your problem.