From Chuck to Shank: Your Beef Guide

For meat lovers who enjoy cooking at home, quality beef offers a world of delicious opportunities. Whether grilled, roasted, or broiled, beef is versatile, nourishing, and satisfying. But broccoli beef stir-fry is quite different from pot roast, and both require a specific cut in order to be their best. To be blunt, knowing the nuances of beef cuts is critical to mastering the art of cooking them.

Four California Red Wines You Should Try Immediately

August 28th is National Red Wine Day, which begs the question “What does that actually mean for those of us who don’t know anything about wine?” At Pete’s Market, we’re big supporters of any “holiday” that celebrates food and drink… so our advice is to open a bottle of red wine with dinner and let your social network know you’ve popped the cork on #NationalRedWineDay.

Pro Tips for Produce: In-Store and At-Home

When it comes to picking out fruits and veggies at the grocery store, most people know the basics: slightly greener bananas will ripen slowly at home, ripe avocados should be semi-firm (with a little give when pressed), and so on. As a general rule, shoppers look for colorful, fragrant, bruise-free produce. While Pete’s Market meets and exceeds this standard for our customers, we like offering more than you expect.