The floral departments at Pete’s Market are always filled with stunning bouquets and colorful blooms. For every important holiday or event, we promise you’ll find just the right bouquet or centerpiece. We also encourage you to cheer up your home on an ordinary Wednesday. Bringing colorful life into your home is a simple way to brighten your mood. Don’t forget to browse the plants we offer that you can grow in your garden, at your desk, or on your balcony. There’s always something new to find.

Tips For Making Arrangements

There’s nothing quite like having fresh flowers in your home. While creating lush and beautiful flower arrangements may seem like a special talent given to a lucky few, you can create stunning bouquets yourself by following a few simple rules. Stick with these basic rules of preparation and design to have your friends and family wondering where you’ve been hiding your secret florist.

Fresh Flowers 101

  • Place flowers in water as soon as you get home.
  • Trim the bottoms of the stems before arranging them in your vase. Repeat this step every 3 days to make the blooms last as long as possible.
  • Remove leaves that go below the water line to prevent rot.
  • Warm water will help open tightly closed buds.
  • If using florist’s foam, soak the foam in water for 15 minutes before arranging.
  • Get creative with your “vase;” it could be nearly anything you have around the house.
  • Vases with smaller necks will help make the work easier, they will hold up your stems in a purposeful way.
  • Keep arrangements away from direct sunlight and heating vents to help prolong their life.

Finding Your Style

  • Use similar colored flowers with different textures for a sophisticated look.
  • Another simple guide is to use colors that sit next to each other on the color wheel. These hues will complement each other nicely. Blues and purples will give your look tranquility. Reds and pinks will bring energy to your arrangement.
  • With flower arranging, green will become your neutral backdrop that works with any arrangement. Using large green leaves will help frame your bouquet.
  • Make a big impact by only using a single flower type. Even a flower type with small blooms will look impressive in large clusters.
  • Use foliage to fill in space around flowers.
  • Allow a single bouquet to reach more areas of your home by placing single buds, such as roses, in small vases. You can cluster them in rows or spread them out throughout your home.
  • Feel free to include items from your own backyard to mix things up.

Building Your Arrangement

  • Start with foliage and woody elements to give structure to the arrangement. Create low points around the edges and a high point either near the center or in the back if it will be placed against a wall.
  • Next add large flowers to give the arrangement color. Be sure to cut them at different lengths to gain visual interest. Experiment at this stage to find the best look.
  • Weave in feathery and wispy elements to fill any remaining negative space. Items like vines or ferns are great for softening the look of your arrangement.

We proudly feature select floral and plants grown on farms with the certifications below.

We proudly feature select floral and plants with these certifications