Lotus Café

The Lotus Café is a full service coffee bar at select Pete’s Market locations. Whether it’s coffee, espresso drinks, or tea, you can find everything your caffeinated heart desires. We recommend stopping by on your morning commute to find the most affordable coffee in town. Our cafés all serve Illy, Lavazza, or Two Brothers locally sourced coffee. We also boast top of the line La Marzocco espresso machines to ensure you have the perfect brew every time.

Relax during your visit to Pete’s Market by starting or ending with your favorite treat. Some of our Lotus Cafés also offer gelato, frozen yogurt, mochi, fresh baked pastries, and of course a place to sit, chat, and enjoy. Check with your local Pete’s Market. Our baristas look forward to serving you soon!


Coffee brewed with forced water for a thicker and creamier consistency.

Defined by the foamy crema on top, espresso differs from regular drip coffee by how it is made. A smaller amount of nearly boiling water is forced through the ground coffee for a concentrated and more intense drink.


Hot water over espresso.

The strength and consistency of American coffee, but with the flavor and complexities of espresso.


Steamed milk over espresso.

Translating to “milk coffee,” a latte is a popular breakfast beverage. It is a softer drink that is great for beginners.


Foamed milk over steamed milk over espresso.

This drink gets its name from its similar color to the hooded robes worn by Capuchin monks. Cappuccinos are most known for the art created with their foamed milk.


Foamed milk over espresso.

In Italian, macchiato means “stained” or “spotted” and describes the drop of foamed milk on top of the espresso. This dot is used to tell it apart from just plain espresso.


Comes in many varieties and flavors.

Drinking hot tea has a naturally calming effect. Slowing down and relaxing are all natural weapons against stress and anxiety — so, sit down, enjoy your favorite cup of tea, and reap the benefits.